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Raccoon Removal in Tampa, Florida

Raccoons are true omnivores; they will eat just about anything. Raccoons can live in the woods, urban and city environments, raccoons will adapt easily. Mating occurs in January to February. Average litter size is 3 to 5 young that will be born in April to August. The family group will often remain together until the next year when they will disperse. Young raccoons will make a chirping or chattering sound when they are young, if you hear these sounds coming from your fireplace you've most likely have a raccoon problem in the chimney, and a raccoon removal and raccoon control should be performed. Raccoons love to take up residence in attics. You will hear noises during early mornings and evenings when the problem raccoons are most active usually these are the first signs you may need a raccoon removal or raccoon control expert. Raccoons can get into a home several ways, garage doors left open, broken windows, gutter down spouts, trees that over hang the roof and many other countless ways. Once they are on a roof they can rip open vents or find construction gaps in soffits, which will lead to raccoons in the attic. When you have a raccoon problem in attics or walls, insulation will be damaged and contaminated with urine and feces. Here at Bradenton raccoon removal, we provide professional raccoon removal, raccoon control, and expert repairs to keep raccoons out of the attic and home. After the raccoon removal and raccoon control process is complete  we then asses the need for a clean up, which consist of removal of all damaged and contaminated insulation and we can also remove foul odors left behind. Most of the time these clean outs are covered by your home owners insurance.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons in Tampa / Bradenton

Trapping is the most effective and successful method on how to get rid of raccoons. Our professional trappers know how to get rid of raccoons. We have the experience to place traps in strategic locations to resolve your raccoon problem fast. Raccoons here in Bradenton may not be transported live unless under DNR permit and must be released in the county where captured, or euthanized. Raccoon control deterrents like chimney caps and vent covers are good raccoon control prevention methods.



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